Comming in Summer 2021

Three stories of fun in the sun during one unforgettable summer.


Maui Magic

Addison Bradberry can build anything, but her love life falls apart before it even gets going. Erin Williams, the owner of Maui Magic Catamaran, is more interested in having fun with a woman than building a future with one. Addison is used to getting her way and Erin simply sails through life. There’s no way they’ll fall in love, right?


Bahama Breeze

Samantha Recker is not a stereotypical CFO. She's into Harleys, hang gliding, and living life on the edge. When she meets Teresa Tinsdale, Sam is completely thrown. They say opposites attract, but there’s no way Samantha and Teresa are attracted to each other, right?


Jamaican Haven

As an introvert, Cora Donaldson expects to spend her volunteer time quietly cleaning kennels and poop-scooping for a charity dedicated to rescuing stray dogs, until she spills her entire bucket of poo on beautiful, captivating, Nina Sanchez, the shelter's director. There’s no way Cora is ever going to recover, right?