October 1, 2015

Thirty six year old Andrea Finley is the Flight Director for NASA's latest space flight – to the moon. The mission is the first with a woman in charge and after years of sitting in the second or third seat, Andrea will stop at nothing to ensure this is a text book perfect mission. Her personal life is virtually nonexistent and she has devoted her entire life to this, the pinnacle of her career. 

When the mission runs into serious trouble Andrea has no choice but to call Kenner Hutchings, a brilliant twenty-something whiz kid with a PhD from MIT, a reputation for living life fast and loose and is their last chance to save the lives of the seven astronauts entrusted into Andrea’s care. 

Andrea doesn’t trust Kenner to get the job done and Kenner takes it as a challenge to break the reserve of her new boss.

Can two strong-willed, powerful women overcome their differences to save the lives of seven others and begin a life they never imagined together?