What Reviewer's Say...

"I thought that Wishing on a Dream was going to be girl meets girl with a bit of conflict and angst thrown in.  It was much more than that.    The strength of this book is not how they get to where we want them to go – after all this is a lesfic romance. The strength is the spot-on characterisation of the two main characters.  They are well-rounded, flawed and with backstories that fascinated me.  Their relationship grows slowly and with bumps along the way but it is never boring.  At times it is sweet, tender and emotional, at other times downright hot.  I love how Julie Cannon chose to tell it from each point of view in the first person.  It gave greater insight into the characters and drew me into the story more.  A really enjoyable read." - Kitty Kat's Book Review Log

In Smoke and Fire…"Cannon skillfully draws out the honest emotion and growing chemistry between her heroines, a slow burn that feels like constant foreplay leading to a spectacular climax. Though Brady is almost too good to be true, she’s the perfect match for Nicole. Every scene they share leaps off the page, making this a sweet, hot, memorable read."—Publishers Weekly

Breaker’s Passion is…"an exceptionally hot romance in an exceptionally romantic setting. …Cannon has become known for her well-drawn characters and well-written love scenes."—Just About Write

In Power Play…"Cannon gives her readers a high stakes game full of passion, humor, and incredible sex."—Just About Write

About Heartland…"There’s nothing coy about the passion of these unalike dykes—it ignites at first encounter and never abates. …Cannon’s well-constructed novel conveys more complexity of character and less overwrought melodrama than most stories in the crowded genre of lesbian-love-against-all-odds—a definite plus."—Richard Labonte, Book Marks

"Cannon has given her readers a novel rich in plot and rich in character development. Her vivid scenes touch our imaginations as her hot sex scenes touch us in many other areas. Uncharted Passage is a great read."—Just About Write

About Just Business…"Julie Cannon’s novels just keep getting better and better! This is a delightful tale that completely engages the reader. It’s a must read romance!"—Just About Write

"Great plot, unusual twist and wonderful women. …[I Remember] is an inspired romance with extremely hot sex scenes and delightful passion."—Lesbian Reading Room